Here’s What We Know About The Potential Debut Song For SM’s New Girl Group, aespa

The title track name may have been revealed months ago.

Can’t wait to hear more about SM Entertainment‘s new girl group, aespa? While the company is yet to reveal anything about their debut song, there are some rumors, hints, and secrets to get hyped about.

Shortly after SM Entertainment posted aespa’s debut teaser video to Twitter, music producer Mike Daley quoted the tweet with mischievous smile emojis.

Daley has been composing and producing K-Pop songs for years, working with numerous SM Entertainment groups. Some of the songs he participated in include EXO‘s “Bad Dream”, NCT 127‘s “Regular”, NCT U‘s “Boss”, SHINee’s “1 of 1”, and Baekhyun‘s “Candy”.

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But this isn’t the first time Mike Daley has popped up on the radar SM Entertainment new girl group fans. Back in February this year, he was also the lead producer at a songwriting camp for SM Entertainment artists. Luckily for fans, another writer in attendance shared a sneak peek of what they were all working on.

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Alongside writing songs for EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, NCT, and SuperM, Daley was also creating tracks for SM Entertainment’s new girl group! The producer uploaded a sheet to his Instagram stories showing three potential songs for the “NGG” (new girl group), now known to be aespa.

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The first was a song called “Mine”, co-written with Nicole “Kole” Cohen and Adrian McKinnon. Both Kole and McKinnon recently worked on NCT’s “Volcano”.

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The second song was titled “No Problems”, co-written with Kole and Rodnae “Chikk” Bell. Some of the K-Pop songs Chikk is credited on include Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s “Why” and Weki Meki‘s “Lucky”.

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And the final song on the list for aespa was “Siren”, also co-written by Kole and Chikk. However, many believe “Siren” was recently sold to FNC Entertainment for the company’s new boy group, P1Harmony, as Chikk is credited as a producer on both songs. P1Harmony will debuting with the song on October 28, but teasers have already been released.

If P1Harmony’s “Siren” is the same song originally intended for aespa, it could hint that the group will be pursuing an electronic-heavy girl crush sound. The titles “Mine” and “No Problems” also suggest a powerful and authoritative concept, though the first member’s teasers give off a far softer vibe.

Aespa’s first member, Winter | SM Entertainment

While none of the songs from Mike Daley’s songwriting camp are confirmed to be part of aespa’s debut, his response to the group’s tweet indicates that they could be. And, since SM Entertainment groups typically debut with singles rather than albums, it’s likely that Daley’s song will be aespa’s first title track.

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And what about the song’s choreography? Again, nothing has been confirmed yet, but choreographer Han Haeun from BELEGACY recently shared the group’s debut teaser video to her Instagram with the caption “Soon βœ¨πŸ–€ / Let’s go πŸ”₯πŸ”₯”. Some fans think this could indicate that she worked on their title track choreography.


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Choreographer Naria from Prepix Studio also shared aespa’s teaser to Instagram. However, she later uploaded a story clarifying she was the group’s dance teacher, not their choreographer.

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