Here’s What A Korean TV Show Believes Song Joong Ki And Katie Louise Saunders’ Baby Might Look Like

The happy couple will no doubt make amazing parents.

A Korean TV show revealed what they believe Song Joong Ki and Katie Louise Saunders‘ baby might look like.

Katie Louise Saunders (left) and Song Joong Ki (right) | Star 1

On February 6, tvN program Free Doctor spoke about some of 2023’s hottest celebrity news, including Song Joong Ki and Katie Louise Saunders’ marriage and impending pregnancy.

On this day, an entertainment journalist stated that Song Joong Ki was a “man’s man” whose personality is very honest. The journalist revealed that the star never attempted to keep his love for his now-wife a secret.

Song Joong Ki has a very manly personality. He isn’t the type to hide anything and is very honest. He dated (Katie Louise Saunders) for three years, and although he didn’t mean to reveal her right away, once he decided to go public, he would date in front of her house and wouldn’t hide his presence, dating boldly.

— Journalist

The show then revealed what they thought the couple’s child might look like.

Of course, fans should take the photo with a grain of salt as the photo is merely a picture of the couple’s facial features edited to scale and therefore is unlikely to look like the couple’s actual child.

Meanwhile, all of Korea’s brightest lights have been placed on Song Joong Ki and his newlywed wife, Katie Louise Saunders, ever since the actor revealed in a letter that the couple registered their marriage and are expecting their first child.

Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage And Wife’s Pregnancy

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