Here’s Why K-Pop Is Such A Popular Global Phenomenon, According To A Stanford University Professor

Do you agree with her?

There’s no doubting that K-Pop has taken the world by storm. It’s gotten so popular over the years that professors are even studying the reasons behind its popularity. Dr. Dafna Zur, the director of Stanford University‘s Center for East Asian Studies, recently broke down why she thinks K-Pop appeals to audiences all over the world.

Dr. Dafna Zur | Stanford University

Dr. Zur traced the popularity of K-Pop back to K-Pop idols themselves. She said, “Much of the success of K-Pop has to do with the idols at the center.” She pointed to idols’ incredible dance skills as a huge part of their appeal, and she said “K-Pop idols are as close to elite athletes as you will ever get in music talent.” If you’ve ever seen K-Pop idols pulling off challenging stunts and flips while performing, you know she’s absolutely right about their athleticism!

GOT7 performing “Girls Girls Girls” | Mnet TV/YouTube

She also believed that K-Pop idols are so beloved because they are charismatic and “know how to interact with one another in a way that draws in the fans.” Many K-Pop have received just as much love for the bond between their members as they do for their music.

BTS hugging on stage | KPOP VGK/YouTube

Dr. Zur also said that K-Pop’s popularity can be traced back to idols’ incredible fan service. Although K-Pop idols are global superstars, fans can easily form a connection with them because idols “project extreme approachability” and build strong bonds with their fandoms.

TWICE at a fansign event | Funny Kpop/YouTube

According to Dr. Zur, K-Pop’s massive appeal can be traced back to the idols’ superior performance abilities, bonds with their members, and their bonds with their fans. What do you think?

Source: Stanford News