Here’s How Much Money One Of Korea’s Top Beauty Youtuber Makes

With her number of subscribers and views per video, the amount is well expected!

Beauty YouTube content creator Risabae appeared on Section TV and discussed her successful career as a YouTuber!


Risabae began producing make-up tutorial video contents when she was 28-years-old, after her client at a make-up shop suggested she gave it a try. When she first began hosting videos, she only had 15 viewers.


Now her YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers and she is one of the most powerful beauty YouTubers from Korea.


Risabae confirmed there are times when she makes more than $46,000 USD (50,000,000 KRW) per month.


The following day, Risabae was invited to the radio show 2PM Date and confirmed her income once more.


Risabae explained while she does earn $46,000 a month in certain seasons, the amount is not her net income.

“That’s what I earn in total. There is a lot to pay off from that amount.” — Risabae


Risabae added she has two staff members hired full time and will expand her business buy hiring two more.


Risabae’s successful career as a beauty YouTuber is mainly from her incredible talent at make-up application, but also from her good nature shown throughout her videos.

During her latest (and quite hilarious) video, she tried a “conceited concept” in celebration of her reaching 1.5 million subscribers and fans had a blast with her adorable personality!

Source: Dispatch and SBS News