Here’s How Much Money YG, SM and JYP Made In The Last 3 Years

Financial statements have been released for the top Korean music companies during 2016.

The financial statements showcased information on the profits, revenue, assets, and more regarding the companies overall growth. According to the charts, S.M. Entertainment is at the top of the game in regards to their income. Last year S.M. Entertainment collected over 300 billion won in revenue. The charts also show how companies such as JYP, YG, Cube, and FNC has been growing economy wise.

YG Entertainment has been growing compared to 2014 showing a significant boost in revenue every year, no doubt due to the popularity of the company’s rookies BLACKPINK. The financial statements also gave information on the companies, such as the number of employees, stockholders, and the auditors the companies use.

Check out how the top companies did during 2016 below!