Here’s How Much The Producer Of Wanna One’s “Pick Me” Made With The Song

Behind every great song is a great producer who created the genius tune.

Ryan Jhun, the producer of Produce 101‘s hit song “Pick Me” is no exception to that.

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On December 10, producer Ryan Jhun guested on tvN’s Brainiac, where he shared how Mnet Produce 101‘s theme song led to great success.

Ryan Jhun is actually a respected veteran producer who has produced hit tunes such as SHINee’s “Lucifer”, Taeyeon’s “I”, and Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”, to name a few.

With regards to royalty fees, he shared that he makes a good living off of the songs he has written.

“The royalty fees get directly deposited to my bank account every day. I checked the deposited amount this morning and it adds up to about the monthly salary of a corporate worker (About $2500 – 3000 USD).”

— Ryan Jhun

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He also shared that with royalties from the 8 million times his songs have been sold, he earned enough to buy a nice house for himself!

Ryan Jhun truly deserves all the success he has experienced and fans hope that he will continue producing amazing tracks for years to come!

Source: Dispatch