Here’s Why ONCEs Believe TWICE’s Mina May Be The New Muse Of METROCITY

Mina definitely fits the brand’s vibe!

ONCEs suspect that TWICE‘s Mina is about to be booked and busy with a new brand deal!

TWICE’s Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

Fans think that Mina may be the new muse for METROCITY, an Italian luxury brand. METROCITY first came to Korea in 1997, and many young people love the brand for its blend of elegance and youthfulness.

| @metrocity.korea/Instagram

Jee Hae Yang is currently the CEO and Creative Director of METROCITY. She became CEO of the company in her mid-twenties, and she played a massive role in making the company the leading brand in South Korea, according to the Glass Magazine.

Jee Hae Yang | @jeehae_yang/Instagram

Of course, as the leader of METROCITY, Jee Hae Yang is drawn to people who match the brand’s luxurious, youthful, and elegant vibe. Mina is widely known for her elegance, and she recently visited with Jee Hae Yang!

| @jeehae_yang/Instagram

Jee Hae Yang posted a photo with Mina on Instagram. She fangirled over Mina in the caption that accompanied the photo.”

I’ve fallen so in love with Mina who is the most beautiful, actress-like, unique and charming person in the world that I promised myself I’ll start collecting ketchup🥫 and penguins 🐧whenever I go on business trips. This is how I start my stan life, I guess. LOL. (Had to give myself some extra photoshopping in that blue light, thanks.)

—Jee Hae Yang

Because of the photo and caption, fans are speculating that Mina is METROCITY’s new muse.

As one of the top brands in Korea, METROCITY is no stranger to working with A-list celebrities like Mina. Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun did a pictorial for them in 1stLook in September 2021.

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun | @metrocity.korea/|Instagram

While there’s no confirmation yet on whether or not Mina is METROCITY’s next muse, we definitely agree with ONCEs that she would be an excellent spokesperson for the brand!

Source: The Glass Magazine