Huge K-Pop Fan Gives His Analysis Of BTS’s Suga And Halsey’s “SUGA’s Interlude”

Here is a fan’s analysis on “SUGA’s Interlude.”

A YouTuber that goes by the name of IDOL CHIEF, gave his personal analysis of BTS’s Suga’s “SUGA’s Interlude,” that was included in Halsey’s new album. Before we begin the analysis, let’s understand the meaning of interlude. An interlude is a short tune played in the interval between musical pieces or acts. “SUGA’s Interlude” is also a song that is just over 2 minutes long. An interlude is usually an instrumental without lyrics.



Suga’s mixtape from 2016 includes an interlude titled “Interlude: Dream, Reality” that is around 1 minute and 30 seconds long that only uses the word “dream” throughout the entire song. It’s common to see musicians use their name in the title of songs, but is very rare to put another artist’s name in the title. Seeing that Halsey used Suga’s name in the title shows the musical connection that she has with him. Halsey has also praised Suga numerous times in regards to his intelligent perspective.




He begins by expressing how amazing the sound at the beginning of the song is. The sounds of bugs with the piano solo give off a feeling of the nighttime not long before the dawn. Those that have been up at that time might know the clear air and its smell just before the world wakes up. He also gives other options of what the beginning sound might refer to such as the fall of a meteor or the sighs of the stars in the night sky.




Halsey has such a unique voice that gives off the girl crush vibe of someone who is depressed and aggressive. But in this song, she gives off a more feminine and delicate tone. He believes that Halsey is trying to “portray the feelings of human’s anxiety portrayed by being trapped in the bonds of unmanageable life.” The lyrics move on to Suga’s part which shows his agreement to her lines. The color “blue” in his part means gloom as he confides to the pressures of life, which is full of contradictions. Suga then continues to pour his heart out about “the anxiety of losing his identity, slander, and fear of failure.”




Suga has mentioned his mental illness in other songs including the song “Tomorrow,” which includes a prototype of “SUGA’s Interlude.” “Tomorrow” is part of BTS’s 2014 mini album, Skool Luv Affair, and is known to be one of Suga’s most meaningful songs as he finished writing it in bed while he was sick.




IDOL CHIEF believes that Halsey, who also appeared in BTS’s song, “Boy in Luv,” represents ARMY. In “SUGA’s Interlude,” Suga sings the verse while Halsey sings the hook, making it seem like Suga is answering to Halsey’s struggles. In BTS’s “Boy With Luv,” Halsey symbolizes ARMY in the song, and it seems like she also represents ARMYs in “SUGA’s Interlude” as well. It looks like Suga consoles Halsey, or ARMYs anxiety and pain by saying, “It’s ok. So was I.”

IDOL CHIEF ends his analysis by stating that “SUGA’s Interlude” is a “short but warm consolation for frustrated and exhausted people to trust in themselves and stand up. It is Suga and Halsey’s response to our urgent distress calls.”



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