Here’s Why People Are Saying Stray Kids’ Song Predicted Their First Win

Was it a coincidence or destiny?

On April 4, Stray Kids received their first win since debut with “MIROH” on Mnet’s M! Countdown.

Stray Kids made their official debut on March 25, 2018, with the mini-album “I Am Not”.

After their debut presentation with “District 9”, they made their comeback stages at music shows with “My Pace” and “I Am You”. But it was with “MIROH” that they took their 1st trophy home.

After celebrating on Twitter with the hashtags #MIROH1stWin and #StrayKids1stWin fans began to wonder if this first win has been predicted since 2017.


They released their “Stray Kids – Mixtape” on January 8, 2019, which included a wide variety of tracks, but the song “4419”, in particular, has been the talk with Stray Kids’ fans after their 1st win.

The song was titled 4419 after the bus Bang Chan and GOT7’s BamBam used to take in their trainee days. Bang Chan wrote the song to express his feelings of loneliness after BamBam debuted with GOT7.

Memories of fighting against each other
My friend, who comforted and helped me
I’ll find my dreams, buy my ticket
Get to the station of debuts and cheer for you

4419, Stray Kids

But the track has taken a new meaning because of its title. “4419”, 4/4/19 or 19/4/4 is the date of Stray Kids 1st win.

The boys also remembered their song and sang it when doing a VLIVE broadcast to celebrate their victory.


Do you think it was coincidence or destiny?

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