Here’s Proof That JBJ Yongguk Is A Giant WINNER Fan Boy

JBJ’s Yongguk was recently found to be a big fan of YG Entertainment’s talents and music. 

Particularly WINNER and their track, “Love Me, Love Me”. 

Yongguk’s confession regarding one of his favorite artists was, of course, noted by his fans but it seems like he just can’t stop talking about them!

When asked by fans for music recommendations, he replied with “Love Me, Love Me”. 

When asked for any song that creates a happy feeling, Jongguk consistently recommends WINNER. 

When asked about which song he listens to most often, the answer remains… WINNER’s “Love Me, Love Me”. 

It’s also Yongguk’s track of choice for when he’s going through a tough time.

Apparently, he even went to find WINNER in their dressing room to greet them while they were promoting “Love Me, Love Me”! 

He loves them so much, he just can’t hide it and fans love him for it.

Source: Pann