Here’s Why Red Velvet’s Seulgi Doesn’t Agree With Her Famous “Bear” Nickname—And She Has A Good Point

Now she mentions it, there’s definitely a nickname much more fitting than “Bear”.

Everyone knows Red Velvet‘s Seulgi‘s most famous nickname—”Gom Seulgi” in Korean, or “Bear Seulgi” in English. But in a recent YouTube interview with Allure Korea, Seulgi shocking denounced the similarity altogether—and she has a good point.

This September, Seulgi scored a highly coveted spot as Allure Korea‘s cover model. And, as part of the fun, she got to film a YouTube interview with them too. Naturally, Allure had some burning questions for the star—including one about her cute animal similarities.

Seulgi has been compared to a bear or teddy bear for as long as anyone can remember, and it’s easy to see why. After all, she’s cute and cuddly like a teddy bear…

…as well as adorably awkward off-stage sometimes, just like a slow bear plodding through the woods.

But despite wearing the nickname for years, Seulgi has now revealed that she doesn’t think it suits her at all.

I don’t actually look like a bear. I don’t act that way either.

— Seulgi

It might be hard to imagine Seulgi as any other animal than a precious bear, but when she explained which other animal fits her better, fans had to admit she has a good point.

I guess I resemble a baby tiger a little.

— Seulgi

Don’t see it? Just look a little closer.


And this isn’t the first time Seulgi’s brought up the comparison. In an interview with Japanese magazine Ray in March 2019, Seulgi said the same thing—putting extra emphasis on the “baby” aspect.

I’m a baby tiger. Not just any tiger, a baby tiger.

— Seulgi for Ray magazine

In her interview with Allure Korea, Seulgi went on to say that more than any animal comparison, she resembles her parents the most.

| @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

I look like my mom and dad. They look exactly like me.

— Seulgi

But in her Ray magazine interview, Seulgi also mentioned her dad looks like a tiger too. So, it seems like “(Baby) Tiger Seulgi” really is a lot more fitting than “Bear Seulgi” after all.

| Red Velvet/VLIVE

I’ve seen a lot of cheetah pictures too… mammals similar to baby tigers, and just the whole cat family is mentioned a lot.

— Seulgi

Plus, not only does the nickname fit her look, it fits her personality too. Baby tigers are both fierce and adorable—just like Seulgi’s famous “duality”. On stage, she has cat-like charisma…

… but off stage, she’s precious like a kitten or a cub!

Source: Allure Korea (YouTube)

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