Here Are The Rumoured Members Of SM Entertainment’s New Girl Group

Looks like SM Entertainment may have their lineup!

Back in May, rumors surfaced that SM Entertainment was going to be debuting a new girl group called Moonlight Angels in 2018. Now a recent post on Instiz has hinted that the group will be debuting very soon and even gave a possible lineup.

Lami is pictured twice and Ningning is missing from this photo.

The girls expected to debut in Moonlight Angels include Park Jungyeon and SRG18 members Koeun, Ningning, Yiyang, Hina, and Lami. Previously, fans had been speculating that Moonlight Angels wouldn’t include Jungyeon but this new information may just mean she’ll be joining the team!


So, just who are these girls? Ningning and Yiyang are both Chinese members who have strong visuals and equally as strong voices.

They are also fluent in Korean!


Meanwhile, Koeun has made the rounds on the internet lately for her impressive vocals as well as her long training period.

Koeun has been training under SM Entertainment for 7 years!


On the other hand, Hina is known for her dancing skills. So it’s very likely that she will be a part of Moonlight Angels’ dance line.

And her personality is adorable!


Lami is known for her top-notch visuals, as well as, being one of the youngest trainees at SM Entertainment.


And although Park Jungyeon was never officially introduced as a SMRookie, she has a strong fan base and some major talent of her own!

Plus she’s got music in her blood. Her father is musician Park Hak Gi and she’s the younger sister of DanA from MATILDA!


Hopefully, Instiz is right and we’ll get to see these girl take the stage soon!

Fans have obviously agreed that this lineup is very likely since the girls apparently already have a fancafe page!