Here’s How SHINee’s Minho Greets The Members After Being Discharged From The Military

SHINee’s back!

SHINee’s Minho was recently discharged from the military, bringing the members together again.

Coincidentally, the day Minho was discharged was also the day of Taemin’s solo comeback on SBS’s Inkigayo. Minho came to the studio all the way from Pohang as soon as he was discharged in order to see the members.

The staff let Key know that someone very excited to meet them had arrived.

That person was none other than Minho! He came straight to the studio without even changing out of his military uniform.

But instead of surprise, the members were shocked at his outfit.


Taemin stated, “Hyung this isn’t it it..this is embarrassing…”

Key closed the door so that no one could see him like this. “I am so embarrassed right now seriously.”

But regardless of what the members said, Minho gave all of them a hug, showing just how much he missed them.

Just look at how happy Minho’s face is to see the maknae!

He jumped on top of Onew for a big bear hug!

And of course one big hug for Key too!

Minho was so happy to be discharged that he stated he would do anything they asked.

Hearing this, Taemin asked, “Hyung can I get 100 man won?” To this Minho replied, “I’ll give it to you, send me your bank account number.” 

Shawols, aren’t we happy to see all of them back together? Congrats once again to Minho for his discharge!

Source: nate pann