Here’s What Truly Sets BTS Apart, According To Epik High’s Tablo

Tablo has nothing but kind things to say about BTS!

Looks like Epik High‘s Tablo respects BTS just as much as BTS respects him!

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Tablo recently did an interview with Teen Vogue. During his interview, he discussed the group’s latest release, Epik High Is Here下 (Part 2), and their upcoming performance at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. 

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He discussed the song “Super Rare” and the wordplay he included in his verse. In the verse, he addressed his fellow musicians and urged them to make music “for the actual emotions” as opposed to making music solely for the streams. He said, “You could have three views, but if you’re able to affect the lives of those three people [who] listen, you’ve done your thing.”

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Tablo also acknowledged that there are artists who are able to achieve massive success while still using their music to convey their emotions, like BTS.

There are certain groups that can be both, though, and that’s pretty awesome. You have groups like BTS who have these incredible numbers, but they also literally affect people with their actual content. They affect them emotionally. But then there are certainly artists who are fixated on the money and fame and not really doing all that they can.

— Tablo

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Tablo’s words make it clear how special he thinks the BTS members are as artists. The fact that they’re able to have their music streamed millions of times over and sell millions of records while still staying true to themselves is truly impressive. Considering the BTS members have talked about how much Epik High has influenced them, we’re sure they think his words are a great honor!


Source: Teen Vogue