Here’s The Truth Behind G-Dragon’s Unique Phone Camera Filter

G-Dragon is often known as K-Pop’s foremost trendsetter as whenever he starts doing something, legions of fans follow suit.

… But, this time, fans won’t be able to jump on G-Dragon’s latest trend—the “filter” he has been using on his photos.

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For the past few months, fans have been constantly asking what app or filter G-Dragon has been using on his photos.

The photos that attracted their attention contained a number of colored, horizontal and vertical lines.

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This “filter” created a chic and dreamy atmosphere and many thought it was a new camera effect or filter. 

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It has been revealed, however, that G-Dragon hasn’t been using a filter at all; the lines and distortion are an effect caused by his camera after it fell and broke.

Recent photos suggest that G-Dragon’s special “filter” may have been fixed as the lines appear to be gone. 

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Let’s hope no one breaks their own cameras to achieve G-Dragon’s coveted effect! 

Source: Dispatch