Here’s Why The VIVIZ Members Decided Not To Have A Leader, According To SinB

Their reason makes so much sense!

VIVIZ‘s SinB revealed why the members decided not to choose a leader.

VIVIZ’s SinB | @bscenez/Instagram

VIVIZ is made up of 3 members of GFRIEND, SinB, Eunha, and Umji. The group debuted in February 2022 with “BOP BOP!”

VIVIZ | @bscenez/Instagram

In an episode of SCAN VIVIZ, SinB explained why the new group decided not to pick a leader. She also discussed GFRIEND’s sudden disbandment and her slump that spanned from “Fever” to “MAGO.”


She explained that all the GFRIEND members had a really hard time last year because of their disbandment and because they had to keep their disbandment a secret from Buddies until it was officially announced. She said, “Last year was especially difficult for us, though we tried not to show it. I never thought that I could cry so much. Last year was the hardest time of my life.”

Thankfully, she, Eunha, and Umji were able to continue performing together as VIVIZ members. Although GFRIEND disbanded, the VIVIZ members still consider themselves to be part of GFRIEND, so they did not choose a leader among themselves. SinB explained, “We said to each other that Sowon is our only leader. ‘It’s alright. We won’t have another leader.’ We didn’t choose another leader.”

Check out the full episode of SCAN VIVIZ below.



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