Here’s what BTS WINGS originally sounded like when Rap Monster First Made it

BTS‘s Rap Monster revealed versions of “Wings” with and without Jungkook’s vocal track and the results were incredible.Earlier in the year, Rap Monster made a promise to fans that he would release the demo version of “Wings”He lived up to that promise by posting not one, but two demo versions of their song.

The first version he posted was the ‘guide version’ or the very first version, which means it was his vocals for all parts of the song. For the second version, however, Rap Monster, asked Jungkook to be involved, and the maknae sang the vocals instead.

Fans are loving both versions as it is not often they get to hear the main rapper sing. Version one has only Rap Monsters vocal track.

“The draft I made for Wings when I first started working on the Wings album”

BTS‘s Rap Monster

Version two added Jungkook’s vocal harmony, resulting in an almost entirely different sounding song.

“And this one is how it changed when I asked Jungkook to do a quick recording of it”
BTS‘s Rap Monster

Rap Monster then tweeted a disclaimer stating that this is not the same Wings track that is currently on the album. Rather, it was something he made when he was trying different out different things and is actually one of the first tracks he’s made.

Rap Monster had been practicing his singing skills more often recently.

“FYI this is a completely different song from WINGS…It’s a track I experimented on doing this and that”
BTS‘s Rap Monster

BTS are currently preparing for the overseas leg of their Wings Tour, with the first stop being Santiago on March 12.