Here’s What Taehyun Has Been Up To Since Leaving WINNER

Former WINNER member, Nam Taehyun, updated fans of his recent whereabouts and activities through his personal Instagram account. 

On December 9th, Taehyun finally broke his silence through social media and gave a few hints of his current activities. In one of this photos he can be seen at the beach, dressed relaxed and casually, wearing a pair of round glasses and a plaid shirt.

A photo posted by TaeHyun Nam (@souththth) on

A photo posted by TaeHyun Nam (@souththth) on

He also took another photo of himself with a unique facial mask. The combination of his look and the perfect placement of the mask created an impressive illusion which caught his fans’ attention.

A photo posted by TaeHyun Nam (@souththth) on

Coincidentally enough, WINNER’s remaining members reunited for a selca a few hours after Taehyun posted his updates.

어린왕자와 아이들?‍?‍?‍?

A photo posted by MINO (@realllllmino) on

These were one of the first updates made by the members since YG Entertainment announced Taehyun’s exit from the group.

Source: Dispatch