Here’s Who Drinks The Most Alcohol, Out Of All Idols In SM Entertainment

BoA let out the secret on who can drink the most in SM!

BOA revealed the best drinker signed to her label, SM Entertainment, is without a doubt TVXQ!‘s Changmin.

“The best drinker in SM is definitely TVXQ’s Changmin.” — BoA


On SBS Power FM’s Park So Hyun’s Love Game radio show she said that when Changmin and Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun drink together it’s crazy.


Changmin is well known for his love of alcohol, revealing last year that he often drinks beer alone in summer as he listens to the sound of cicadas on his phone.


He’s a self-confessed fanatic so it’s no surprise that he drinks the most!


EXO‘s Xiumin is a close second, according to BOA, who said she heard he is a good drinker as well.

“I heard Xiumin’s a good drinker too. He asked me to drink with him sometime.” — BoA


Source: xportsnews