Here’s Why BigHit CEO Bang Sihyuk is BTS’s Biggest Fan

BigHit Entertainment‘s Founder and CEO, Bang Sihyuk is not shy about showing how proud he is of BTS.

Bang Sihyuk is the producer who created boy group BTS and now that they are overseas on their Wings Tour it would seem that he is having some BTS withdrawal symptoms.

On March 23, he tweeted BTS’s “Spring Day” music video with a caption which many have thought to mean that he misses the boys. It is also a clever use of words because those are the first words in the song.

“I miss you.”
– BigHit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk

This isn’t the first time Bang Sihyuk has shown his affection for his group. He has also tweeted screenshots of BTS’ live streams before, showing how he supports them by tuning into their live broadcasts.

The adoring tweet happened to have been a screenshot of BTS’ 3rd Anniversary live.

“I’ll be waiting for the 4th anniversary.”

– BigHit Entertaimnet CEO Bang Sihyuk

He had even gone as far as visiting a chicken place for BBQ Chicken that BTS was endorsing and took a photo with the complimentary BTS poster he received from dining there.

The affection between Bang Sihyuk and BTS is not a one-way deal as it is clear that BTS adore him as well. They were there to cheer for him happily when Bang Sihyuk won the Best Producer Award at last year’s Asian Artist Awards.

Their relationship appears to be that of father and sons within the company. Hopefully, they will continue to be as close for many years to come.