Kim Tae Hee’s Daughter On “Hi Bye Mama” May Look Like The Cutest Little Girl But He’s Actually A Boy

Could you have ever guessed?!

Kim Tae Hee‘s latest drama, Hi Bye Mama, is the talk of the town for many reasons from the actors’ superb scenes to the innovative storyline, but one actor had everyone fooled with his little secret!

Kim Tae Hee’s character has an adorable little daughter. The little girl quickly grew a fan-base for her pretty visuals and her heart-melting mannerisms.

But this little girl is actually played by a male actor! Child actor Seo Woo Jin was cast for the role despite being a boy.

The producers explained that the daughter role was critical in the series as she would tug at the maternal heart-strings of the viewers.

So they wanted to cast an actor who looked a lot like Kim Tae Hee for the viewers to firmly believe that they are actually mom-and-child.

Seo Woo Jin may be a boy but he’s as adorable as any little girl with his round eyes and defined nose that’s similar to Kim Tae Hee’s legendary visuals!

Seo Woo Jin may have had everyone fooled but that just means his acting skills are incredible for his age!

Check out Seo Woo Jin and Kim Tae Hee’s cute moment below:

Source: Sports Donga