Fans Are Shook After Finding Hidden Images In Taemin’s New Album Photos

King Taemin is back!

Taemin recently released the details of his upcoming album Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2 with mesmerizing new photos and concepts.

Taking a look at the details of the album, it shows just how much effort and time he put into preparing this album.

The photos all capture the unique style of Taemin, from the outfits to the background.

The photo cards were also interesting, as it seemed to have a series of images embedded into them.

Taking a closer look at the photo cards, we can see that there is a photo within a photo.

This caused fans to do a double-take as it the photo seemed a bit too familiar…

Turns out the photo in the background was from Taemin’s first solo release “Danger.”

Fans took a look at the CD and found another hidden image!

One of the slides on the actual CD was a photo from his 2016 release of “Press Your Number.”

Taking another look at the folded posters, yet another photo was way too familiar…

The red uniform and hat he’s wearing is very similar to SHINee‘s “Everybody” outfit which was released seven years ago!

The only difference is that in the new album, the uniform is quite torn and dirty.

Looking at a recent interview, he reveals that Act 2 will reveal “himself rising from the ashes.”

The signed message in the album also gives the hint that Act 2 also means “ascend.”

Taking a look at the teaser photos that were released, it seems to show him before he “ascends”…

…as well as him “rising from the ashes.”

Taemin has done it again with his upcoming album! Stay tuned for the official release on November 9!

Source: theqoo