Netflix K-Drama “Hierarchy” Actor Steals The Show Despite Little Screen Time

He is the plot.

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The highly anticipated Netflix K-Drama Hierarchy premiered on June 7 with all seven episodes, making for perfect binge-watching. This high-school-based thriller stars Lee Chae Min, Roh Jeong Eui, Kim Jae Won, Lee Won Jung, and Ji Hye Won.

Jooshin High School is the most prestigious school in South Korea. The school was established by the conglomerate Jooshin Group. Normally, only students that are chosen at birth to attend Jooshin High School are allowed. Those students include Jung Jae-I (Roh Jeong-Eui), who is is the first daughter of the family that runs Jaeyool Group, Kim Ri-An (Kim Jae-Won) who is the successor of the Jooshin Group, Yoon He-Ra (Ji Hye-Won) who is the youngest daughter of trading company International Yoon, and Lee Woo-Jin (Lee Won-Jung) who is second son of a powerful politician family.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha (Lee Chae-Min) is transferred to Jooshin High School. He possesses a pure and innocent smile, but he holds a secret. Due to him, the concrete world of Jooshin High School begins to crack.

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“Hierarchy” poster | Netflix

While the K-Drama is led by the tall and handsome actors Lee Chae Min and Kim Jae Won, one supporting actor stole the show for many viewers.

Kim Jae Won (left) and Lee Chae Min (right)
Kim Jae Won (left) and Lee Chae Min (right) | Netflix

Actor Lee Won Jung became an instant fan-favorite with his portrayal of a politician’s son, Lee Woo Jin. You might see more fan-edits of him than anyone when scrolling the #Hierarchy tags across social media.


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From his muscular physique to plump lips, netizens couldn’t help but simp. Some even confessed to watching for only him.



Despite Woo Jin’s “shocking” and uncomfortable relationship with his teacher, viewers couldn’t help but love him, as he was one of the most complex characters. Though he had a problematic relationship with an older woman/authority figure, he truly loved He Ra.

With the indications that we will get a Season 2, netizens are hopeful that we might finally see him end up with his one true love, He Ra, whom he confessed he loves by the end.

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