Lawyer Reveals That High-Level Official Was Mentioned In Jung Joon Young’s Hidden Cam Chatroom

“His rank is far above the Gangnam district chief.”

Bang Jung Hyun, the lawyer who first reported Jung Joon Young‘s chatroom data to the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, has revealed that the chatroom contained content that gave rise to suspicions about close ties with the police.

On March 13, Park guested on CBS Radio’s Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show and revealed how ended up reported Jung Joon Young’s chatroom.

The source did not come to me directly. He/She sent me an e-mail. (He/She said) in light of the Burning Sun incident that has been spreading, there was data that contained information on the misdeeds of people related to the incident. (He/She) wanted to reveal it to the world and realize justice but he/she couldn’t find a way to. He/She asked me to do it.

Bang Jung Hyun


Bang revealed that the chatroom data, which took place for 8 months in 2015, was extensive. Jung Joon Young had sent the hidden cam sex videos in the chatroom of 8 people including Seungri, another chatroom and 1:1 chatrooms as well.


Bang also empathized with the source, who was reluctant to reveal the data. This was because there was content that suggested ties to the police and so it was only natural for the source to be scared.

They don’t talk about any names (in the chatroom) directly but they mention a specific position. Simply put, one person said things like, “I saw the text with the person. I contacted him/her. It’s done.” An unspeakable incident had occurred. In terms of the problems that arose, they said, “It’s done,” or “It’s covered up,” and one person even said, “I received a message from a police congratulating my birthday.” I cannot speak conclusively. It must be revealed through investigations.

ㅡ Bang Jung Hyun


“Ties to the police” had apparently referred to one specific person who, according to Park, was a very high-level official. The person’s rank far surpasses any district chief.

There is one influential person. He is mentioned numerous times. They’re not all connected and there was only relations to the biggest one but isn’t it a structure that trickles down? (He’s) not at the level of a district chief. (He’s) above that.

Bang Jung Hyun


Bang added that there were crimes other than sexual assault mentioned in the chatroom and hoped that everything would be revealed through the investigations.

It’s not related to sex. It’s a completely different (crime). There are numerous similar cases being investigated in relation to the Burning Sun incident. There’s another case that’s similar to one of them. I hope it will be clearly revealed through investigations.

Bang Jung Hyun


Meanwhile, both Seungri and Jung Joon Young will be reporting to the police on March 14th.

Source: Donga Ilbo

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