All-Girls High School Buys Copyrights To A Popular K-Drama School Uniform

Other high school students were jealous.

With so many school-related K-Dramas, various styles of uniforms have gained much attention over the years. Most recently, a post garnered attention about a school that liked the design of the uniforms from the K-Drama School 2015 so much that they made it their own!


According to the post, the chairman of Seo Young Girls High School, a school known for its uniforms, loved the design of the uniforms so much that they bought the copyrights for it.

Below is the initial school uniform for Seo Young Girls High School.

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But after buying the copyright to the school uniform worn by actress Kim So Hyun, the whole school changed to this design.

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Below were the confirmed designs for their summer and winter school uniforms!

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| Instiz

The uniform became so popular that many students wished they could attend this school.

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Korean netizens agreed that the uniforms had a nice design and shared accounts of attending or knowing people who attended this school.


Netizen comments | Instiz
  • “Ah yea I remember my friend bragging about her uniform.”
  • “Wow pretty…but those that attended public school usually chose schools that had pretty uniforms.”
  • “The chairman has great taste.”
  • “Wow didn’t know something like happened.”
  • “Wow so pretty!”
  • “If you remove the two lines, it’s just like my school uniform.”
Netizen comments | Instiz
  • “Wow they must’ve loved it. Having a pretty uniform is nice when you are a student.”
  • “It is pretty…”
  • “Wow!”
  • “Wow nice! Even the model photo is a celebrity.”
  • “My middle school uniform was a green skirt and a yellow bowtie so I was jealous of those that had normal uniforms.”
  • “Wow but even the original uniform was really pretty.”

Others who attended the school were sad that the uniforms changed after they graduated.

스크린샷 2024-07-10 오후 6.03.58
Netizen comments | Instiz
  • “Ah the burgundy uniform…I’m sad they changed it to the new design after I became senior.”
  • “Why did they change it after I graduated? I’m so sad. When I was in middle school, they said they would change the design, but it was still the same when I got there.”
  • “This was possible because it was a different chairman. The person in charge now gives student grants and brings top artists to festivals, but back in my day, the chairman was on the news due to embezzlement.”

What are your thoughts on the uniform design? Would you wear it?

Source: instiz
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