The Cast Of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” Reveal Themselves To Be Fans Of BLACKPINK

“We were always blaring it together.”

The cast of the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series was interviewed by MTV and given a pop quiz to see how well they knew each other. It turned out there are quite a few fans of BLACKPINK!

One of the questions asked, “Who said they would make a stan account for BLACKPINK?” Immediately, hands shot up!

| MTV/Instagram

Frankie A. Rodriguez guessed, explaining his reasoning behind his choice. He originally was going to pick Dara Reneé until he saw that she also raised her hand, so that left Sofia Wylie as the next clear choice.

Well, I was going to say Dara, but then she raised her hand. So, I’m going to say Sofia ’cause she didn’t raise her hand.

— Frankie A. Rodriguez

| MTV/Instagram

It turned out his guess was correct! In a previous interview, Sofia had revealed that she would make a BLACKPINK fan account. She said, “Because I’m in love with them.” 

| MTV/Instagram

She confirmed in the new interview that not only are she and Dara BLINKs but the rest of the cast love BLACKPINK too! She said, “Sara and I love BLACKPINK. I honestly, I think all of us really like BLACKPINK.” Joshua Bassett and Larry Saperstein backed up her statement too and credited Sofia as the reason they all got into BLACKPINK. However, she didn’t want to take all of the credit!

I’ll give the honor to Dara too because we were always blaring it together. It was both of us.

— Sofia

| MTV/Instagram

A cast that stans BLACKPINK together stays together!

Check out their interview below:

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