HIGH4 Sunggu allegedly confirmed to be leaving group

Sunggu announced that he has decided to leave the group after 3 years with the group.

At the end of February, HIGH4′s Sunggu will be effectively leaving the group after releasing the group’s second mini-album.

HIGH4 has had successful collaborative works with other artists but nothing ever cemented them to the greater public’s eye. Their song with IU, “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” was a major hit and even got nominated for a Golden Disc Award in 2015.
Most recently, the group promoted their subunit HIGH4 20 and received some public praise as well.

His agency is still under talks regarding his contract but rumors have been around since last year regarding his departure.

Sunggu is the leader of the group and the main vocalist but the company has officially announced his exit from the group on February 13 to the media. Sunggu expressed his sorrow and apologetic mind to his fans for leaving the group.

The group will be a 3 member group without Sunggu and it will consist of Alex, Myunghan, and Youngjun.

Sunggu’s last promotions will be in March with HIGH4 at their concert in Japan.

Source: OSEN