HIGH4’s Youngjun accepted to Daejin University of the Arts

HIGH4’s Lim Youngjun has just been accepted as a freshman to Daejin University of the Arts!According to an industry official on November 10th, HIGH4’s Youngjun received an acceptance letter into Daejin University of the Arts on November 8th as a Drama and Theater major. Youngjun will be entering the university as a freshman of the class of 2015 where he will be managing his duties as both a celebrity and as a student.

The 19 year-old idol was not allowed to take the SAT college entrance exams last year due to his lack of proper qualifications. At the time, Youngjun had no desires or plans to enter college, which is why he did not apply for the exams the prior year.

HIGH4 began attracting numerous amounts of fans since their debut in April when they collaborated with South Korea’s “national sister”, IU, with the song “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” and their collaboration with Kim Yerim on the song “A Little Close.”

Source: Star News and 1theK Youtube Channel