Highly Anticipated K-Pop Festival Cancelled Due To Horrific Stage Accident

It has been determined that it is impossible to proceed with the event as planned.

Netizens have been left in shock following a horrific accident that occurred during preparations for the much-awaited SUPERPOP 2023 festival. The event, which was set to feature some of the industry’s biggest names, including Newjeans, NMIXX, ITZY, and CL, was abruptly canceled after a section of the stage collapsed.

The collapse left nine out of the 13 workers who were on-site injured.

VOLUMEUNIT, the organizer behind the event, released an official cancellation notice to fans and all parties involved, expressing their “deepest apologies” for the unforeseen incident.

An unexpected accident occurred during the installation of the stage… It has been determined that it is impossible to proceed with the event as planned.


The festival was originally scheduled for September 23-24 and was set to be one of the most significant K-Pop events of the year. Thousands of fans from across Asia and the globe were expected to attend, eagerly awaiting performances from their favorite artists.

We’re giving our sincere apologies once again to the audience and evervone involved who had been waiting for this event for a long time.


According to TopStarNews, the severity of the injuries sustained by the workers varies, but one individual has yet to regain consciousness, highlighting the gravity of the accident. The collapse has raised several concerns and questions about the safety protocols in place and the overall rush that might have compromised these standards.

Fans worldwide have been pouring out their sympathies and support not only for their favorite artists who were set to perform but, more significantly, for the workers who have been directly affected by this accident. Many have taken to social media platforms to express their sadness and shock while wishing a speedy recovery to all those who were injured.

In their statement, VOLUMEUNIT has assured the public that they are “committed to taking measures to ensure that such incidents do not happen again and to prevent any recurrence.” They have also mentioned that tickets will be fully refunded, with detailed refund procedures and timings to be announced at a later date.


While the anticipation surrounding SUPERPOP 2023 was palpable, the collective sentiment now is one of sorrow and hope for the speedy recovery of the injured workers.

Source: TopStarNews