Highup Entertainment Reveals It Took Them 3 Years To Create New Girl Group STAYC

They wanted to create a different kind of girl group.

With new girl groups making a debut next month, Highup Entertainment’s newest girl group STAYC (previously known as Highup Girls) will be making their debut on November 12 with their title track “So Bad.”

STAYC, meaning “Star To A Young Culture”, is made up six members; Sumin, Isa, Sieun, Yoon, J, and Seeun.

| Highup Entertainment

Black Eyed Pilseung, a producer duo who established High Up Entertainment, is known for producing many hit K-Pop songs from TWICE’s “TT”, APink’s “DUMHDURUM”, SISTAR’s “Lonely” and more.

The producer duo revealed that it took them three years to find members and create this group.

In a time where everything is trendy and fast, we had the idea to create a group that had a healthy mind. That’s why it took us three years to find members that had talent and a good personality.

⁠— Black Eyed Pilseung

| Highup Entertainment

Please explain the procedure in which you choose trainees.

Although we choose trainees through our company’s auditions, we also find trainees at music academy’s where there are many people whose dream is to become an idol. First, we record their skills and look over it to see if there is any potential. Afterwards, we hold a thorough interview process and choose the best candidate. During this process, we look to see if they have a clear goal, if they are doing well in school, and more. We also look at their Facebook, Instagram and other social media. We do not accept anyone that used to be a bully. If we find out something bad from their past after they have debuted, it is the company that faces the most hardships since they are the ones that invested in making the group.

⁠— Black Eyed Pilseung

So you’re saying that they need a good personality in order to be an idol.

A lot of older generation’s think that idols are just pretty or handsome people dancing without much talent. But this is far from the truth. For those that become idols, they have become strongly goal-oriented from a young age. The process of becoming an idol is also extremely difficult. There is a very tight and set curriculum. Unlike before, they have to attend school regularly. A good personality is a given.

⁠— Black Eyed Pilseung

Seeing just how much time and effort it took them to create this group, many netizens are excited to see just what type of girl group STAYC will be. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: theqoo
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