Hilarious picture shows how one idol member puts on his contact lenses

An idol member has fans laughing over a hilarious picture of how he puts on his contact lenses.

BTS is a group known to often have hilarious antics that amuse fans and onlookers alike.  Well, they’re back at it again, and this time they have fans cracking up over a picture of one of their members putting on contact lenses in a pretty unique way. That member is none other than their rapper, Suga!

It seems like he has trouble putting on lenses on a daily basis, so he has other members helping him out. In this case, the member helping him out is the team’s oldest member, Jin. However, on this particular day, he was having a more difficult time than usual, so they had to have one of their stylists help out also. This amusing (and a little creepy) picture shows the two people struggling to put on contacts on Suga.

Check it out below!


Source: Instiz