The Hilarious Reason Why ATINYs Are Comparing ATEEZ’s Jongho To An American Comedian

Do you see the similarities?

ATEEZ‘s Jongho has great fashion sense, and his style has earned him comparisons to American comedian, Steve Harvey!

ATEEZ’s Jongho | @atzarchive_/Twitter

Last night, Steve Harvey was trending on Twitter after he posted a photo of his new and improved style.

Twitter being Twitter, people made tons of memes out of Steve Harvey’s new look.

While many Twitter users created memes based off of pop culture references, K-Pop Twitter noticed that Steve Harvey’s new look is pretty similar to Jongho’s stylish aesthetic!

Jongho wears a lot of trendy jackets and coats, and it looks like Steve Harvey’s new style involves lots of jackets and coats, too.

ATINYs tweeted about the similarities between Jongho and Steve Harvey’s looks.

They even made threads of their similar outfits!

While it’s unlikely that Steve Harvey’s style is inspired by Jongho, there’s no doubt that ATINYs’ tweets about their similar styles are hilarious!