HINAPIA’s Bada Reveals Why She Can Never Be Roommates With Eunwoo

They’re completely different people.

HINAPIA recently sat down for an interview where they revealed some of the secrets of the chemistry between the five members.


Apparently, Bada previously confessed that she doesn’t match well with one of the members. Bada and the members all looked at Eunwoo, who was totally confused!


Kyungwon explained that the members get along well but Bada and Eunwoo can’t be roommates because of their differences. She explained, “When Bada wakes up, she immediately makes her bed right down to the correct angles.


When Eunwoo was confused how that related to her, everyone explained, “Look at yourself! What about you?


Kyungwon explained that Eunwoo’s room is the complete opposite so Bada can never be roommates with Eunwoo!

Eunwoo’s room starts with the heating pad sticking out of the mattress. Her floor is littered with towels, makeup, cat toys, and…

Bada doesn’t go into Eunwoo’s room.

— Kyungwon


Although they may not be the best living partners, Eunwoo and Bada are the best partners as musicians!

Source: TV Daily