Hip-hop artist Crown J returning with an all-new EP after five years

Hip-hop artist Crown J is releasing his first EP in five years and has already personally started the comeback countdown on his various SNS accounts.

On May 26th, his agency FLYBOY Entertainment confirmed, “This coming June 3rd at midnight, Crown J will be releasing a new EP album with the title track ‘LOLO’ and returning to fans in South Korea. There have been talks of his return in the last few years, but because he wasn’t satisfied with the results, he couldn’t do so. He is now making a comeback now that he is completely 100% satisfied with the results.”

“LOLO,” standing for “Life of Luxury Only,” is the first song he will be releasing in Korea in five years. The title track was also written that way and is an abbreviation for “LOW LOW,” meaning “to keep a secret.”

Following his final appearance on MBC‘s We Got Married with his virtual wife Seo In Young in 2009, Crown J terminated his contract with his Korean agency and flew to Atlanta in the United States to start up his own hip-hop agency, FLYBOY Entertainment.

For two years, he spent his time touring the country, visiting a total of 10 cities as well as releasing mixtapes. In April 2010, he released the single “I’m Good” in collaboration with Young Dro, an artist who is under rapper T.I‘s agency.

Source: Star JN