HISTORY’s Jaeho injures himself after stage accident on Show Champion

HISTORY member Jaeho has injured himself during the group’s latest performance on music show Show Champion.

Show Champion held their show at an outside venue for the most recently broadcast episode aired on April 27th. Unfortunately, the day wasn’t too agreeable as it was raining that day, wetting the stage and making it a bit dangerous for artists while performing.

During their stage of “Queen,” all seemed well up until the very last second of the performance when Jaeho takes a heavy and bad tumble to the ground, a thump even heard over the speaker from his microphone.


Taking to his Instagram account, Jaeho posts a photo of his bandaged up hand, writing, “I’m okay, as a man I should be able to take even this much,” (seen above) posting another photo that captures his fall, saying, “A professional’s pose #FallingDown #WithEdge.”


Watch their performance below: