Holland Announces That He Is Looking For An Agency

He says he’s reached his limit.

On April 15, 2019, Holland posted a letter for his fans to Twitter.

There, he talks about how he has been making music for a year and while it has been difficult, it was his fans that helped him through it.

Holland says that he has now reached his limit, however. He is looking for an agency to help him meet his fans more and to allow people a chance to listen to his music more.

He also mentions that it’s impossible for him to do broadcasts if he were to continue as an independent artist.

He is currently an unsigned artist, but he is making sure to find an agency that will accept him for who he is and that he won’t lose his color.

Holland made headlines last year as being South Korea’s first openly gay K-Pop idol. He was originally signed to a company and was to debut in an idol group but chose to be independent so he could openly come out as homosexual.

His debut single, “Neverland”, shows the love between two young men.  He has been without a company ever since.

Hopefully, his search for an agency is successful and he could promote with ease for his next comeback!