Holland Says He’s Finally Found A Company To Work With And Promises Fans New Music And A Tour

He’s hopeful he’ll even be able to promote on music programs.

This may be the turning point for independent and first openly gay K-Pop idol, Holland. On June 5, Holland announced via social media that he finally found a company to work with.

This news comes a little over a month after Holland released a statement announcing an indefinite hiatus after releasing his follow up EP and music video for “Nar_C”. He explained to his fans that he’d been doing his best, but needed to find an agency before releasing any more music.

Well, Holland has found his agency, and while things are still hush hush, Holland is confident that he’ll be able to do well with this company. In addition to music and a tour, Holland has also set his sights on promoting his music on music shows for the very first time in his career as well.

Holland has been very open about the struggles about promoting and creating music as an independent idol and even crowdfunded his last EP. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Holland explained a little bit about why (in addition to Korea being a conservative country) it’s been so hard for him as an openly gay idol to find a company to represent him.

Fan marketing is a lot to do with accessibility. Idols are marketed as boyfriends as they have to attract and create a fantasy for them. So, agencies ensure that idols are careful with revealing their personal romantic lives and that’s where I lack fan marketing in that respect.


We’re glad that Holland has finally found a company that believes in his voice and message (during pride month no less!), and we hope he is able to meet his fans with many new opportunities in the near future.

Source: Vogue