Holland Wishes For Koreans To Be More Empathetic To LGBTQ+ Minorities

He’s the first openly gay K-Pop idol.

Holland asked the Korean public to be more open-minded towards minorities.


Speaking with Metro.co.uk, he spoke up about the “struggles of minorities” that he wishes Koreans would be more empathetic about.


Being the first openly gay K-Pop idol, Holland has experienced intense scrutiny following his debut. He hopes that others can be more open towards people going through the same experiences.

I hope that whether it’s through music or other forms of art, we’re able to address and hold these important discussions [about minorities] going forward.

– Holland


The way to do this is by holding dialogues between the different groups.

I hope the Korean people, LGBTQ, women and other minorities can hold peaceful dialogues going forward. I dream of that kind of society and world.

– Holland

This, he maintains, is the best way for progress in making a better society.


Holland returned to the music scene with his comeback song “Loved You Better” on December 11, 2019. He says that this song took over four months to make as it expresses his life story and scars.


Source: Metro