Hollywood Actress Reveals That She’s a Huge BTS Fangirl

American child actress Kylie Rogers just gave BTS a shoutout on her Twitter which left fans wondering if she was a BTS fan herself!

Kylie Rogers is a child actress that has starred in various films. She is most known for her role in The Whispers. On March 25, she posted a tweet on Twitter claiming there was only a week left until the BTS concert along with the “Dope” MV.

A fan commented on her post asking how she found out about them and who her bias was. In response, she claimed she had figured out about BTS a year ago on Youtube and is currently undecided about her bias. She’s been debating among JiminJungkook, and Suga.

She recently updated her Twitter account with a video of her wearing a shirt that reads “ARMY” as she sends heart signs to the camera.

If you are going to BTS’s concert in Anaheim, it’s possible you’ll be able to see Kylie Rogers there!

Coolio also posted a tweet of encouragement on the same day. This is not the first time Coolio has tweeted about BTS. Coolio and BTS met each other a couple of years back when BTS filmed for Mnet‘s American Hustle Life.