Hollywood’s First K-Pop Comedy “Seoul Girls” To Be Produced By Rebel Wilson

K-Pop has become a new genre for film!

It will be the first time Hollywood will be releasing a comedy movie based on K-Pop.




“Pitch Perfect” star Rebel Wilson is writing the comedy feature titled “Seoul Girls” that will be about a Korean-American girl and her friends coming together to compete to be the opening act for a K-Pop boy group. The girls get help from a former U.K. girl group member to chase their dreams to showcase their voice on stage as a K-Pop girl group.




The movie talks about ‘the world’s most popular K-Pop boy band,’ and many believe that they could be talking about BTS, making fans excited to see more news about the film.




Lionsgate has obtained the rights to the film with a revision done by Young iL Kim.


No word yet on casting or the director! Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: sports khan
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