“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Actor Kim Seon Ho Proves He’s Just As Much A Gentleman In Real Life As He Is On Screen During Interview With Shin Min Ah

He is so kind and considerate!

It’s no secret that Netflix and tvN‘s Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha stars Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah have great chemistry but not only onscreen as their characters Hong Du Sik and Yoon Hye Jin but also offscreen too!

Shin Min Ah (left) and Kim Seon Ho (right) in poster for “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” | tvN

In a new interview with The Swoon, the actors play a fun game, which for most people, shows their true colors as they get competitive. For Kim Seon Ho, he just turned out to be as nice as his characters tend to be!

In this “Ring of Bling game,” they had to attempt to ring the bell first, then answer the question in just five seconds. If they were successful, they could select a fun prop for their costar to wear. If they failed, the other would get an opportunity.

Min Ah was the first to answer correctly, who was very excited to give Seon Ho a funny prop to wear. Even in eccentric glasses, he still looks handsome!

She was on a roll for a while, answering questions. As a result, Seon Ho’s outfit kept getting upgraded.

Seon Ho finally got his first chance but, in the process, hit his hand. Still, he was quick to answer the question, “Describe your costar’s charm in 5 syllables.” His answer? “She is lovely!” 

He then took his time selecting the best prop for Min Ah to wear, choosing between two headbands. Ultimately, he picked adorable bunny ears. She was pleasantly surprised by her costar’s choice and said, “That’s a cute one. Thank you. You’re so nice!”

Seon Ho, on the other hand, kept getting stuck with the humorously outlandish items. Min Ah even started getting concerted that the actor’s stylist might become unhappy with her selection.

After correctly answering his character’s nickname (not actual name), Seon Ho was given another chance to select a prop for Min Ah to wear. Still, he chose a cute item that complemented the headband she was wearing. Even the costars themselves recognized how nice he was being.

He then was on a winning streak, answering his go-to pose for photos (it’s a finger-heart)! The staff shocked him by saying that he could even give some of his own props that Min Ah previously gave him to her now.

Min Ah returned his kindness to him by suggesting he give her the vest, considering that he might be warm now. But even when giving her the less attractive items, he proved himself to be a gentleman as he helped her put it on.

Fans couldn’t get over their sweet interactions and pointed out how considerate Seon Ho was throughout the game as he consistently attempted to give her the cuter props. Throughout the game, he also helped her, then, in the end, was especially kind toward the staff. He is as thoughtful and gentlemanly as one would hope or imagine him to be!

| The Swoon/YouTube
| The Swoon/YouTube

Watch Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah’s full interview below:

Source: The Swoon

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