The “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Script Tops The Bestseller List And Proves Fans Aren’t Ready To Say Goodbye To Hye Jin And Du Sik

This is not a want but a NEED!

While the K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha may have aired its final episode already, you don’t have to say goodbye to the residents of Gongjin just yet!

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The full script of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha was compiled into two volumes, and booksellers started taking presale orders for the compilation on October 7. Since the script was first listed online, it has climbed to the #1 spot on Aladin‘s bestsellers list.

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The 2-volume collection includes the full script from each episode of the K-Drama, which means readers will be able to experience moments that didn’t make it into the final broadcast. So, while you’ll be able to relive sweet moments like Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) and Hong Du Sik’s (Kim Seon Ho) proposals…

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You’ll also get to read all the sweet moments that didn’t make it into the K-Drama!

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Aladin has sold many other K-Drama scripts (like Penthouse, Hot Stove League, Beyond Devil, and Stranger) before, but Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is the first to top their bestseller chart since they sold the script for the 2019 film Parasite.

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The first editions of the book of scripts were signed by the actors themselves, which makes the books even more meaningful. An official from Yes24 told The Korea Herald that they sold over 9,000 books on the first day of their preorder sale, which proved just how much fans of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha wanted to keep reliving the great moments from the K-Drama, as well as how much they wanted to own a little piece of the K-Drama that they could cherish forever.

Passionate drama fans, who want to enjoy their favorite series a little longer and read the stories that were not in the broadcast are eager to purchase the original scripts. And the first editions are signed by the actors, making the books more memorable for some fans. More than 9,000 books were sold alone on the first day of our pre-order.

The popularity of a film or drama naturally makes the viewers want to enjoy their favorite series in various ways. Similar to buying drama-related merchandise, buying an original script is becoming a way to show their love for a series that has ended.

—Yes24 official

The script books also included special messages from the author and the stars of the K-Drama, Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho, and love letters from Hye Jin and Du Sik. The scripts’ release date was set for November 9.

Source: The Korea Herald

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