HolyBang’s Honey-J Shares A Picture Of Her Newborn Baby

Congratulations to her family!

Dancer Honey-J gave birth to a healthy daughter.

Honey-J (left) and Husband (right) |

On April 5, the dancer uploaded a story to her Instagram. In the story, the dancer shares a picture of her newborn baby. Honey-J captioned the photo with the baby’s birthday.

Previously on April 4, the dancer uploaded a photo of her silhouette. In the photo, Honey-J is seen wearing a bra top and showing off her D-line proudly.

| @__honey.j__/Instagram

Honey-J, who is 37 this year, married her handsome husband last year. Her husband reportedly works in the fashion industry.

Honey-J and her husband (right) | @__honey.j__/Instagram

Honey-J gained fame through her appearance on Mnet’s hit reality dance survival show, Street Woman Fighter. Known as one of the greatest hip-hop dancers in Korea, the dancer had audiences laughing and crying along with her trials and triumphs before her crew, HolyBang, ultimately won the show.

Check out some of the dancer’s best moves on the show in the link below!

Source: wikitree
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