Honey Lee Sparks Controversy Over “Racist” Comment

“I’ve become a ggamsi uhnni after some outdoor activities.”

Honey Lee has been in the spotlight for making a comment that some deem as “racist”.


In a recent post, the star shared a selfie of herself and captioned it, “I’ve become a ggamsi uhnni (깜시언니) after some outdoor activities.”


The term “ggamsi” is a slang term that refers to “black skin” and some have taken it as a racial remark.

  • “Isn’t ggamsi a racist term?”
  • “She should know better since she’s lived abroad before. Looks like she made a mistake.”
  • “Ggamsi doesn’t seem like the right word choice.”
  • “Ggamsi, ggeomdoongi…these are all negative terms…It doesn’t mean simply dark skin…We get offended when foreigners slant their eyes but this is okay???”


Meanwhile, other netizens have not been as critical and have been complimenting the star on her beauty.

  • “Pretty~ Pretty~ From head to toe you’re beautiful.”
  • “As expected of the worldwide beauty…No matter how dark you get, your facial features always shine through”
  • “Whatever look you have, you look amazing.”
  • “Fierce.”
  • “Wow! Your fashion is on spot.”
Source: Nate