[★TRENDING] Honey Lee reveals which facial feature plastic surgeons wanted to “fix”

In a recent episode of MBC‘s Section TV, actress Honey Lee revealed an interesting story regarding her dimples and plastic surgeons.

Aired on May 31st, the beauty queen revealed that she has been approached by plastic surgeons in the past who offered to “smooth out her dimples.”

She said, “People used to call me names because of my uneven dimples and because of this plastic surgery clinics called me. They told me they could smooth out my dimples for me. But I kept telling people that it was my attractive point and in the end they ended up agreeing with me.”

Images provided by TV Report
Images provided by TV Report

Netizens praised her for her decision to keep her unique charms, saying:

[ + 483, – 17] The last Miss Korea

[+ 467, – 14] Lee Honey’s dimples are her charming point why would you smooth them out…will you be satisfied after every single girl in Korea looks the same learn to respect individuality whether it’s a man or a woman they all have their unique beauty.

[+ 321, – 4] She was insane during Miss Universe. She’s very pretty right now too and her dimples are very attractive as well. I love Lee Honey’s unique face.

Source: OSEN