Comedian Hong Hyun Hee Wants To Join TWICE And Here Is The Group’s Response


It is common knowledge that TWICE is a girl group that consists of nine members who are all incredibly diverse and talented. Yet, it seems as if there might be a tenth member in the group who has been approved by the rest of the group.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

In a recent video on the Studio Waffle YouTube channel, comedian Hong Hyun Hee went for a makeover done by Nayeon‘s make-up artist inspired by the group’s “Fanfare” photoshoot.

When the makeover was completed, Hong Hyun Hee couldn’t hide her excitement at how she looked.

Throughout the rest of the video, she kept referring to herself as the “newest youngest member” and the “10th member of TWICE.”

After the video was released, it seems as if TWICE noticed Hong Hyun Hee and her status as the newest member of the group.

On the TWICE official Instagram page, the members posted on their story a screenshot of the video that had a caption explaining that she is going to join TWICE as a 10th member. In the caption, the members wrote. “Unnie, we’re having a comeback today, why aren’t you coming?

| @hyunheehong/Instagram

As much as Hong Hyun Hee wanted to showcase her new place in TWICE to the world, the comedian explained that she had to miss the upcoming comeback schedule. In her Instagram post, she explained, “I came to Jindo to catch abalone…I can’t participate in today’s comeback…

Although TWICE might have to complete this comeback with nine members, hopefully, Hong Hyun Hee will join her group soon, and the group can perform with ten members!

You can watch the whole video of Hong Hyun Hee’s transformation into a TWICE member below.