Hong Jin Young to fill in for SHINee’s Minho as special MC on MBC Music Core

While awaiting for her comeback, trot singer Hong Jin Young will serve as special MC, alongside actress Kim So Hyun and Block B‘s Zico, on the upcoming episode of MBC Music Core. Hong Jin Young will be replacing SHINee‘s Minho for the episode to be broadcasted on November 1st as Minho will be busy with his overseas schedule.

Recently, Hong Jin Young has been garnering attention for her beauty and unique aegyo shown on We Got Married with actor Nam Goong Min. The singer is also due for a comeback on November 5th with her first mini-album Life Note.

The beautiful trot singer will be performing, ahead of her album’s release, on October 30th on Mnet M! Countdown. The upcoming title song is said to have a more oriental melody, different from Hong Jin Young’s usual trot style.

Source: Star News

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