Haters insulted Hong Jin Young’s body, and her reaction was heartbreaking

Hong Jin Young revealed she almost starved herself to lose weight upon reading a malicious comment on her Instagram regarding her appearance.

On February 9, Hong Jin Young held a showcase in Mapo, Seoul, at the Mecenatpolis Shinhan FAN Square Live Hall to release her newest song, “Loves Me, Loves Me Not“.

At this showcase, she revealed how she received comments that berated her and criticized her body, as well as demanded that she start dieting to lose weight.

Hong Jin Young told her audience that she had received a message from a netizen that read,

“Please lose weight. I don’t want to see a body that hasn’t been taken care of like that.”

Anonymous netizen

She expressed that she didn’t know what to do upon reading this message, so she didn’t reply. Instead, she decided to announce to her Instagram followers that she would start dieting.

“Upon seeing that message, I wondered if I should reply to it or not. Or if I should apologize, or thank them for the honest message. So I was really confused on what I should do. But I thought I should start working on my appearance again, so I uploaded a photo and announcing ‘I’m going to start dieting today.'”

Hong Jin Young

However, a different netizen commented on her photo with another rude comment that read,

“Good choice. All those comments saying that you’re pretty are lies. Seriously, lose some weight.”

Anonymous Netizen

Hong Jin Young expressed that she was so shocked to receive such messages and that she had never really considered herself to be overweight. However, due to the nature of the comments, she had somehow been convinced that she did indeed need to lose more weight and therefore limited herself to only eating one banana and a liter of milk every day.

“I was so shocked. I’m not overweight, am I? But the way they phrased their comments made me think I really should get skinnier. So after that, I starved myself. I may be skinnier next week, and I’m going to keep dieting until there’s only bones left.”

Hong Jin Young

Watch her telling her story below.

Source: Joongang Ilbo