Hong Jong Hyun’s agency denies rumors of the actor and Nana are a couple

In a latest statement, Hong Jong Hyun’s agency Withmay has denied the latest rumors surrounding the actor, who has been said to be dating with After School’s Nana. 

The agency revealed they had spoken to the actor regarding the rumors, and have confirmed that the two celebrities are merely close friends.

The statement reads, “Hello this is actor Hong Jong Hyun’s agency Withmay. This is our official statement regarding reports made on the media today.

First, we apologize for the fact that we had to delay this statement to first confirm things with the Hong Jonghyun. We were able to confirm that Nana and Hong Jong Hyun are close friends, but not a couple as reports claim.

The two share a lot of common interests due to the fact that they both used to be models and have developed a close friendship. However, unlike reports, they are not in a relationship so we would like to ask that reports that make conjectures not arise any longer.

We thank you for all your interest in Hong Jung Hyun, and we will try hard to show you better activities in the future.”

In a February issue of magazine Woman Sense, the magazine claimed that the two had been dating for seven months, their relationship beginning after meeting on set of Onstyle’s Style Log. Upon reports, both Pledis Entertainment and MBC’s We Got Married producers both denied the rumors.

Currently, Hong Jong Hyun is starring on We Got Married with Girl’s Day’s Yura, and the dating rumors had conflicted with his appearance as part of the virtual couple.

Source: TV Daily