[★TRENDING] Hong Kong celebrity gets hate after uploading a photo with Seungri

Many Hong Kong celebrities took advantage of BIGBANG’s concert stop in the city to get a glimpse of the hallyu stars. One particular photo on Instagram caught the attention of VIPs.

On June 15th, Hong Kong girl group Super Girls’ member Heidi uploaded a picture of her and Seungri on Instagram. When the picture was first posted, the caption read, “He’s super nice 🙂 Although I couldn’t take a picture with my most favourite member, I’m very happy to be able to interact with them this closely haha 😀

Shortly after the photo was posted, VIPs flooded Heidi’s Instagram for being rude and ungrateful to Seungri even after he took the time to take a picture with her. Later on, Heidi deleted the latter part of the original caption and only left “He’s super nice 🙂” with the photo.

Despite the edit, fans continued to slam the girl group member, claiming that their messages were deleted by her within seconds of posting and that she has not seriously reflected on her inappropriate actions.

Source: FACE POP